A creative and sometimes festive collaboration bringing together 25 digital artists, illustrators & designers working in Brighton. A short loop is released each day in the run up to December 25th. Curated and animated by Buff. Read more

The idea around the project is to do something fun that showcases some of the great talent working in Brighton and along the South Coast.

Each artist has been assigned a number from 1 to 25, with the only stipulation being that this number must feature in the artwork somehow. The loops have been animated by Buff, a motion studio in Brighton who also curated the project.

The open brief has allowed a wide range of ideas to be explored; the Festive, the Comic & the Dark! The challenge for Buff is the unknown: “Until the artwork drops into our inbox, we have no idea what the style or concept will be! The unpredictability coupled with the limitations of producing GIFs makes it challenging, but also a lot of fun! It’s great to work with so many talented artists and designers on the same brief to see the massive variation it produces”.

Click on the squares to see more work from the contributors.

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